Name: Riqimo Ray Pershaw
Callsign/Nickname: "Doc"
Human Male
Place of Birth:
96 lbs
Light brown
Skin Color: Well Tanned
Facial Hair: Goatee
Scars: Two below collarbone, one below jawline, one along each arm
Ranks: 1st Lieutenant (Stormtrooper Corps) - 1st Lieutenant (Navy)

Imperial Nobility:

Riqimo is the Baronet of the Aaclu region on Tadath, an area encompassing about 300 square kilometers (approximately 74,000 acres). Although rarely actually on site, Riqimo greatly enjoys the region situated with the scenic view of the Pegul mountain range south of the capitol city. His estate is typically empty and maintained by a minimal staff, the grounds populated by over a thousand Nunas that he had obtained through an accidental delivery and hasn't quite figured out what to do with them just yet.

The common people that Riqimo presides over live primarily in one town composing of a population of a mere 600. Needless to say, Riqimo doesn't generate much revenue in tax from the locals, so he allows them to keep their hard earned credits. Instead he encourages the small town to be a center of tourism, and has averaged approximately 25,000 imperial credits a month from taxing tourists that come to see the natural beauty of the region.

Appearance and Personality:

Riqimo Pershaw's short height gives him a perfect Napoleon complex, he is almost constantly trying to prove to everyone that his height means nothing. His light brown hair is kept fairly long, sometimes preventing people from gaining a clear view of the man's intentions in his blue-green eyes. Riqimo tends to keep to himself, however he easily forms close bonds with people he sees frequently. An intellectual with a daredevil attitude, Riqimo puts himself in extremely dangerous situations before he would even consider placing his troopers in a position that they might trip over their own feet. An amateur painter, Riqimo often spends his off duty time with a canvas and set of brushes.

His past has a tendency to catch up with him at the worst moments in flashbacks and reflective thoughts  Although the former morals that prevented Riqimo from killing any sentient are not as strong as they were before Tormar, Riqimo still has these beliefs linger, especially when he either has killed, or is preparing for a mission that requires him to kill.


Born to Tomet and Dena Pershaw, a smuggler couple, on Nar Shaddaa, Riqimo Pershaw was perhaps the farthest he could be from a noble idea. He quickly developed a passion for life, seeing death and murders across the galaxy while traveling with his parents. The young human would question many of his parent's violent decisions, and they would grow increasing agitated with their son's pacifism.

Smuggling Days -

Once his family left him at the age of 16, Riqimo was forced to become a smuggler on his own with an YT-2400 freighter he christianed the Goden Davk.

On fateful one day, Riqimo would literally bump into Brighstar and the two would manage smuggling runs together. Later they would get a little ambitious and steal the precious family jewels of a Hutt on Nar Shaddaa, which would put them on the run from a bounty hunter named Ryan Kiba.

Vast Empire Army -

After escapade after escapade, Riqimo would become stranded on Ando Prime, his ship beyond repair, and in the last jump he had lost Brightstar. Knowing that he would be safest in Imperial space, he smuggled himself onto a transport bound for Tadath and became a citizen there.

The Vast Empire Army would acquire a need for new recruits and in less than a year will draft Riqimo Pershaw, who found a job at a local droid shop. Morally opposed to killing, Riqimo applies for conscientious objector status. Denial after denial, he would finally become a medic with his persistence, and then be deployed to Tormar.

Vast Empire Stormtrooper Corps -

Through pure self defense, Riqimo would make his first kill, and although it still haunts him, he realized that without a weapon he was indeed a burden in the harsh firefights. Recognition of his efforts is noticed by a certain Stormtrooper Squad Leader, David 'Buttshot' Riley of Cavalier Squad, who gets the medic into the Stormtrooper Corps and his squad.

Still on Tormar, Riqimo would serve with this squad until he was transferred to a newly created Eclipse Squad as a Trooper. In this squad, he would find numerous moments to shine and after the first 'real' mission, he found himself the Assistant Squad Leader. Only several missions later, the Squad Leader, Garet Daimun, would retire, leaving the Eclipse Squad Leader position to the medic.

During his ASL time, Riqimo was also initiated into ARC Team Delta, and now finds himself working with ARC Team Lambda as the Lead. While in this position, he witnessed a growing relationship with another trooper.

More Pending