" Let's put a smile on that face..."

Jester, like the Vast Empire in general, uses IRC as its main form of communication outside the ComNet. IRC is a free internet chat service. It can be accessed using JavaChat from the VE main page under the "Logistics" Navbar, or by using a client such as mIRC or bersIRC. The VE main page also has a tutorial for connecting to the server using mIRC, and can be be found here, or under the "Resources" Navbar.

When on IRC, please abide by the Vast Empire Code of Conduct at all times.

The squad channel is #Jester, and can be reached by typing /join #Jester in any IRC window.

Report policy, as set forth by Senior Sergeant Angel, Jester Squad Leader (26 December 2008):

As a member of Jester, you are required to report to myself, and my Assistant Squad Leader, Aeos every Friday. Your report should contain a few lines about your activity for the week, including posting on a storyboard, creating banners and graphics for the website, chatting on miRC and gaming. You may also include any ideas, suggestions or questions you have about the squad or VE in general, of which Aeos and I will gladly look over and answer.

All reports must include a standard Vast Empire identification line. Without an identification line, the report will not be counted as a submission, and subsequently, fines may be applied for failure to report.

An example of an ID Line:

An example of an acceptable report:


This week I posted twice on the squad story, and am currently working on a new banner for the Jester website. I had a question about the current storyline that I would like to discuss with either of you as soon as possible.

Private First Class Smith
Jester Squad