Jester Squad has a long history of undertaking dangerous missions. They have accomplished the impossible time and again, completing their assignments no matter the odds. While the squad has formed and reformed time and again, the loyalty and courage of its past and present members in unparalelled in the in ranks of the Vast Empire.  

This page will be updated with the current mission orders. Additionally, it will contain records of the historic exploits of Jester, as told by its troops. All mission files have been linked to the image next to the titles.

Mission  Name Orders
Jester Squad, P.I.
Jester has received a new squad specialization. Moving from it'd traditional MOS of "Armored Reconaissance," the Army High Council has decided that a squad is needed to handle investigations. As their first assignment, Jester has been tasked with investigating the entity behind Ja'k Frozts cyber-terrorism operations. With Frozt having been executed by former ASL Aeos (now demoted, but released and cleared of charges), there were no leads on who was funding the mercenary operations. Half of the squad, lead by Jegora, was send back to Anteevy to rummage through the remains of the base assaulted by the Stormtrooper Corps. The other half of the squad remained on Tadath to investigate any rumors of Frozt's employer.

Mission Name

A New Hope Jester was ordered to infiltrate and capture the Mobquet Medium Cargo hauler Danthe Venture. The squad intercepted the shipas it made a course correction at the Bestine system.  After infitrating the ship, Jester commandeered the vessel From there, repairs and recrewing of the ship took place.

The goal taking the ship was to determine the cargo of the Danthe Venture and where it was going.  

Ciutric A training mission to Ciutric, Merrick's home planet.

Zerek 456 Orders were the complete and utter annilihation of the Zelus Confederacy's main competitor's capital city, Dayust: The Rybril Federation. 

A Fresh Start The mission was to Cerea, a planet that the High Council thought was an excellent planet to take. The main goal was to start looking around by visiting a few of the cities and chatting with the locals so they could judge whether the planet was worth controlling.

Three's a Company The target planet was Atzerri, a relatively useless planet to the Vast Empire. A tracking device was recorded over Atzerri. The tracker was intentionally placed inside a crate of Imperial weapons being put on private market by pirates.  Jesters job was to locate and secure the facility the pirates used as storage, then call in the cavalry.

It's Severin Time The self declared nobility of Lilith, the very merchants who control the shipyards, have been selling the planet’s agricultural produce for an inflated price for decades, squandering wealth to build upon the foundation of their central city. The majority of the population, farmers all, have had enough. They’ve mobilized, and have recruited an army large enough to overtake Lilith and gain control of the market. Jester Squad was dropped behind their position, while Lilith allies carried out a feint attack designed to attract attention. The two attacks were to delay the rebels long enough for the regular army to mobilize.

Operation Slughunt Jester received orders to remove the Barzini drug syndicate from power in the Mirwais system and to shut down all arms and narcotics production under his charge.
Phase I was to assault and secure "Objective Rhino." The second phase was to destroy mining operations and weapons factories. The final objective was to assassinate Barzini the Hutt and his key lieutenants.

Strike to Mekmin Deploye onto Tadath Jester's orders were broken down into two phases. They were to recon the city of Mekmin to gather information about captors and captives. Once completed they were to infiltrate the house and neutralize the captors without any civilian casualties.
(More missions to come soon...)