Name: Jegora Fal
Callsign/Nickname: "Jeg"
Species: Human Male
Height: 6'3"
Steel Blue/Gray
Ranks:  Gunnery Sergeant - Stormtrooper Corps

Appearance: Tall and physically imposing, Jegora is the ideal specimen for the Stormtrooper. Standing three inches over six feet and weighing in at two hundred and twelve pounds of solid muscle Jegora is a verifiable mountain of a man. He stands erect at all times, a soldier to the core, and always appears to be tense. He has often been described as a coiled snake by those who meet him, and an angry bear to those that have to fight him in melee combat.

Besides his size Jegora's most alluring feature is his eyes. His eyes, which seem to alternate between a hard, steel-blue color and a light gray color at random, are clear and forceful. His gaze is disturbing, and he often lacks the tact to realize that he is making people uncomfortable.

Possessing midnight-black hair down to his shoulders and a full beard, Jegora often appears to be some sort of wild man, an outlaw or a bounty hunter, but definitely not a stormtrooper. However, for military functions where proper appearances are required, Jegora pulls his hair back into a pony tail and trims his beard, making himself appear slightly more civilized. It isn't long, however, before the wild looks are back again. To this date no superior has ever chastised Jegora for his appearance.

Tall, imposing, with ruggedly handsome features, Jegora is often a striking presence in any situation. When clad in the white armor he is known to be absolutely terrifying.

Skills: Jegora is a complex individual. He has been a member of the Vast Empire Armed Forces, in one form or another, for a little under five years. Through his years of service he has picked up a multitude of skills. Although he performs them all well, he doesn't perform any of them with stunning excellence. He is, in fact, a Jack-Of-All-Trades.

Some of Jegora's more proficient skills are:
  • Mechanically Inclined: Jegora grew up in a mechanics shop, and served his first two years as a Starship mechanic aboard the ISD Fidelis. As a result, he is quite adept at fixing just about anything.
  • Piloting Skills: Before he suffered his accident and suffered memory loss Jegora was an extremely adept pilot. Since regaining his memory (if not his personality) these skills have returned, although he is not nearly as skilled as he once was.
  • Espionage: In his second year with the Vast Empire Navy Jegora was drafted as a prime candidate for the Vast Empire Naval Intelligence Division. He was commissioned as an Officer, and still retains much of the tricks of the trade he learned during this time.
  • Melee Combat Skills: Jegora has always been a proficient boxer and brawler, but after his accident these skills appear to have increased tenfold, along with his reflexes and speed. He is also proficient with most melee weapons he comes across, but prefers to use two large knives, one held normally in his right hand, and the other held perpendicular, towards the floor, in his left hand.
  • Ranged Combat Skills: During his time in the Corps Jegora underwent training as a Heavy Weapons Specialist (under the name Liam Hayes), and later as a Special Forces Operative. During this time he studied and was judged proficient in a variety of ranged weaponry, from pistols to rifles and anything in-between.
  • Physical Conditioning: Jegora had always been in great physical shape, but after his accident he resurfaced in the Stormtrooper Corps a stronger, faster, and hardier individual, for unknown reasons. He also has incredible stamina, and enjoys running long distances. This is one area that Jegora has always excelled in, and during his time M.I.A. these traits have only seemed to increase a hundredfold.
  • Abnormal Reflexes For some unknown reason Jegora is blessed with incredibly quick and almost supernatural reflexes. He is almost never surprised by anything, and his instincts are superb. While it is unknown what caused these traits to come about, it is noted that they only appeared after his stint on the M.I.A. list.
Personality: During his time in the Navy Jegora was known as a by-the-book man, never breaking any rules and following orders to the fullest. He never drank, never partied, never smoked, never did any of the stupid things that get sailors in trouble. He was a cold individual, making few friends and even fewer enemies, keeping to himself and doing his work as efficiently as possible. When he was drafted into the Vast Empire Naval Intelligence Division, and in effect the Starfighter Corps, much of this behavior changed. He 'thawed' out, becoming more friendly and more open towards the men and women he served with. He retained his ironclad discipline, however, refusing to participate in any activities he deemed 'destructive'.

After Jegora's accident, and his stint on the M.I.A. list, he surfaced in the Stormtrooper Corps as Liam Hayes. Colder and less open than ever, he rarely talked, rarely did anything but his job. He was, to a degree, anti-social, avoiding contact with large groups of people like they were plague-ridden, and even shying away from his own squadmates. He showed little to no mercy in anything he did, thinking first and foremost of himself. He was a terrifyingly effective Stormtrooper, but also a terrifying individual. He had no friends, few acquaintances, and no social life outside the Corps.

Months later, Jegora managed to reclaim his lost memories, and was, almost instantly, transformed into a completely different person. He became friendly, more open. He seemed to have a new appreciation for life and for friends, and was soon well-like throughout the Corps. He still retained his cold and merciless demeanor on the battlefield, which kept his ruthless efficiency intact, but now he had a human side, a warm side. Now he had feelings, and that made him a better soldier than ever. Instead of fighting simply to kill, Jegora now fights or his friends and for the Vast Empire that he has come to so dearly love.

Still, a black shadow seems to hang over Jegora, and it is only a matter of time before those spectres come back to haunt him.

Quick History: Jegora was born thirteen years before the Battle of Yavin on a small planet designated M278J54X by the Galactic Empire, but more commonly called Hester 8. He is Corellian by birth, being born on Hester 8 during his parents travels. Soon after his birth he returned with his parents to Corellia. There he lived in Torus, a suburb of the great city of Tyrena. His parents were starship mechanics, some of the best in the Core worlds. From them he learned much about starships, and he uses that knowledge to this day. In fact, it has been commented that Jegora feels more comfortable around his starship than he does other people.

The events surrounding Jegora's abdication to the Vast Empire are mysterious at best. He showed up one day, wanting to enlist in the Navy, bypassing an Officer's Commission for the quicker route of a Naval Mechanic. It wasn't until he was in the Navy for over a year that Jegora was drafted into the Vast Empire Naval Intelligence Division, recieved his Commission as an Officer, and joined the Starfighter Corps.

On a routine mission Jegora suffered a terrible accident. He was put on the M.I.A. list, and resurfaced months later as a senior Non-Com in the Stormtrooper Corps. The reasons and causes for his accident, disappearance, and his replacement in the STC are unknown and unguessed at. Jegora prefers it that way.