Name: Jager Luth
Callsign/Nickname: "Jager"
Species: Human Male
Age: 23
Height: 5'9"
Skin Color:
Slightly Tan
Hair: Short, dark brown/black
Cybernetics: Right hand
Ranks:  Corporal  - Stormtrooper Corps

Personality: Nothing Jager ever says has any sort of significant meaning behind it, its usually a sarcastic remark about this or a vague threat about that or even the occasional use of sexual innuendo. He also has one philosophy, "If you don't make friends with people, then you wont be upset when they die horribly", which works out well with his self-centered personality. This of course doesn't mean that he has no friends, he just doesn't think of them in that sense... More like Comrades or Drinking buddies or acquaintances.

Jager can at times seem a like an uncaring prick, mainly because he is only concerned with himself and things that directly involve or effect him. That being said he still has some kind of moral values and understands the value of friendship, but only if it benefits him in someway.

His time on Tatooine has taught him the importance of staying alive, as a bounty hunter said to him during a card game

"As long as I walk away from it, I win"

So, obviously Jager isn't the one to throw his life away on something trivial such as a personal vendetta or the will of his superiors. He is also very cynical, which he uses as a way to deal with everyday life and its challenges.

Jager is also a firm believer in giving respect to those who deserve it, the fact that someone is higher up in the world them him doesn't necessarily mean they are worthy of any respect. Sure, if a higher ranking member of the empire orders him around he'll listen to them (Otherwise they'd stop paying him) but that doesn't mean he'll do it with a smile on his face and a spring in his step.

Jager is also cocky and egotistical at times, more of the latter then the former. This is due to his inability to take most things seriously or at best with a over-dose of sarcasm.

Biography: Jager grew up on a Tatooine moisture farm with his extended family. He spent his youth tooling around with cheap and poorly maintained weaponry and sleeping. After a solid year of planning and dreaming, Jager stole his Uncles speeder and left for the nearest township to start his grand adventure.

Unfortunately Jager spent more time dreaming then he did planing and after the first initial days of binge drinking and gambling his credits ran out. Because of this, he was forced to make several visits to a loan shark to pay off gambling debts and bar tabs. Any normal person would of then paid off their debts and got on to paying off the loanshark, but not Jager. Instead he went back to gambling and drinking.

The word "Repercussions" wasn't in Jagers vocabulary, in fact he couldn't even spell it, So when the Loan shark's thugs paid Jager a visit, he laughed them off. They of course returned to their boss, who went to his boss for advice. After the loan shark told his boss about the situation, Jagers situation became much worse. It wasn't long before Jager was unwilling brought in front of the loan sharks boss, who happened to be (But to no-ones surprise) the local crime lord. However Jager was lucky, this particular crime lord was rather eccentric, and after a sudden mood-swing decided that Jager "Had what it takes" to be involved in a criminal organization and offered him a job.

Things seemed to be coming up roses for Jager, but the crimelord's lieutenants didn't feel the same way. Jager worked for the better part of three years for the crimelord before his lieutenants finally gained enough loyalties to overthrow him. Jager however began to see that this wasn't the sort of job that you simply walk away from, this along with the crimelords actions becoming more and more erratic and unpredictable made Jagers future job prospects seem dim. After a few nights of planning and barhopping he formulated the perfect way to escape. The idea called for him to fake his death, in theory it was going to be easy, all he needed was some explosives and a shuttle. In practice however it was much harder, the first problem he encountered was his limited knowledge of explosives, which lead to him purchasing several imitation detpacks and a bag full of concussion grenades.

However on the day of his plan the crimelords lieutenants decided it was time to overthrow their boss and assume control of the town. Lady luck struck again, but not in a good way. As Jager made his way to the shuttle, he was seen and captured by thugs loyal to the renegade lieutenants, who had given orders for Jager to be captured and brought before them. It seemed like this was the end of Jager as he was dragged before his former bosses underlings. As he sat on his knees in front of the Lieutenants, who were just beginning a drawn-out speech about loyalty and respect, he became nervous... then an idea struck him. The bag of explosives was only a few feet away, but was in the hands of a thug. As the lieutenants lecture began drawing to a close something miraculous happened, a thug loyal the old crimelord burst through the door and began firing wildly towards the lieutenants, missing them but striking the thug holding Jagers backpack in the chest, killing him.

As the thug fell he dropped the backpack, scattering its contents over the, And while everyone was busy shooting and subsequently making sure that the thug was dead Jager managed to grab what he thought was a thermal detonator... but was in fact a concussion grenade. At first the entire room stood still, unsure what to make of the now half-crazed with fear Jager who had begun waving around a concussion grenade. After several seconds of stunned confusion one of the Thugs made a dive at Jager. Without thinking Jager swung the grenade at the attacking thug, smacking him across the face and activating the grenade, of course at the time Jager didn't know it was active and went back to waving it above his head. With a sharp *Beep* the grenade detonated. Jager's right hand was blown to bits and he was sent to the floor with a sharp ringing in his ears.


He awoke a day later and was surprised to see that he was in an infirmary, he was even more surprised when sevearl stormtroopers marched in and dragged him down the hall and into a cell. After several days of incarceration an imperial officer arrived at his cell door, by now Jager had realized that he's right hand had been completely replaced with a robotic version. The officer had brought with him an offer, Either A- Spend the next twenty to thirty years at a forced labor camp, or, B- Be conscripted into the stormtrooper corp. After three seconds of thought Jager agreed to join the corps and within a few short weeks he was on board a shuttle headed towards his new life as a member of the stormtrooper corp.