Name: Rain Alli'A'Isha D'Jonoc
Callsign/Nickname: "Brightstar"
Species: Human Female
Age: 21
Height: 5' 7.5"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair Color: Auburn red
Eye Color: Violet
Scars: Jagged scrar from right earlobe to right eye
Tattooes: Eclipse Squad insignia on right shoulder
Cybernetics: Right arm

Appearance: Sergeant Brightstar has the typical build of a warrior, athletic and muscular. However, her muscle tone has somewhat dissapated since her last visit to the infirmary. She stands about average height for a young woman of her age and she ways less now than she did when she joined the Stormtrooper Corps nearly two years ago. Although she has lost some of her athletic prowess, Brightstar is still just as deadly as she has always been.

Bright remains one of the most noticible troopers in the Vast Empire for her long flame red hair and her mask of professionalism that few have been able to break, marked by her very oddly hued violet eyes. She has several noticible scars adorning her features but none so readily apparent as the scar that streaches in a jagged line from her right ear to her under her right eye, the souveneir of an ill fated leave to Mygeeto.

The sergeant's left arm is currently a mechanical replacement for the one she lost while on Mygeeto. It does not bother her now as much as it did when it had first been replaced. She uses a black hide glove to hide the mechanical workings, though.

Despite her outward rugged and harsh appearance, Bright is not without beauty. Her fine features are both graceful and angular giving her an almost feline quality, and by far the most striking feature is her eyes. Violet in color, they hold a sense of insight that most don't expect. Her eyes are ever observant, watching everything and noticing most details that others fail to see.

Another identifying feature that Brightstar possesses is a tattoo of the insignia of her first squad on her right shoulder blade. A stylized insignia of Eclipse Squad.

Personality: Strong, independent, and determined. Three words that have been used to describe Brightstar since her days in the Academy. Her strong will has saved her from many foes, including herself. Her unwillingness to back out of a direct challenge has on occation gotten her into more tight spots than she would care to ever admit, but somehow she has survived all of her ordeals and taken with her not only her life but a lesson from each of her trials. Truth be told though, it is her determination to succeed and live that has been one of her greatest assests. Despite her preference for independence, Bright does not like working alone, istead she prefers the security of a team at her back.

Bright has a strong sense of justice and will do what ever it takes to bring it to those who deserve it. Not a quality a lot of stormtroopers have given the era of war that they live in. It is this strong sense of justice that has bothe saved and taken the lives of many New republic lives. Although Bright has a vengful hate toward the New Republic and those that attacked her while on Mygeeto, she will not take the life of an innocent.

She is somewhat a champion of children no matter what walk of life they are from. Yes, even NR children can count on her to protect them. Bright wants to preserve the image of a hero that she has come to know in a former stormtrooper who had saved her life when she was a child. She believes children to be the future and knows that what they percieve early in their lives will be what they come to KNOW in the future.

And yes, even the most hardened of hearts is capable of love. Bright's own capability for this is only known to a select few.

Biography:   Taken from the personal journals of Sergeant Brightstar D'Jonoc

I was born to the Brightstar River Clan on the Planet of Dathomir during the Imperial Occupation of the planet. My clan had been known for its strong apposal of the Empire's Occupation, therefore, I grew up hating and fearing those that wore the white armor. Despite my fear and hatred, I was able to find some happiness as a young child. I once confessed to my mother that I had found friendship with the older warriors of the clan. By the time I was six, I had learned to use a sling with devisating accuracy and a spear to equall effect. The older warriors in turn soon found that I was useful to have on hunting excursions. I had developed a talent for tracking, and was able to track any beast that they had chose to hunt at the time.

By my tenth birthday I was already being considered for early warriorhood. The night of my birthday I performed the tasks I would need to complete to be awarded my first spear of Adulthood and my right to wear lizard hide armor as a true warrior of the clan. I performed each task with quiet reserve and determination. It was during the Ceremony that the Nightsisters attacked. Nightsisters were dark force users who delighted in tormenting the clans that devoted themselves to using the light side. My clan was one such clan. That night, however, the Nightsisters were bent on the destruction of my clan. Everyone reacted quickly, but the Nightsisters had the element of suprise and had already taken out three of our warriors. I had been charged with looking after the younger children, away from the fighting.

Despite my distance from the worst of the conflict, I had a good vantage point. The sight of my mother falling to a burst of blue lightning springing from the fingers of a dark haired dark eyed Nightsister has left a deep scar on my psyche, and that image will forever be etched into my memory. I watched with horror as one by one my clansmen fell, until, the only warrior left standing was me. Swallowing my fear and my burning sorrow, I gripped my spear tightly and planted myself firmly in front of the entrance to the Gathering Cave, where the children had been herded.

"You shall venture no furhter." I had said. I remember my voice had sounded more confident than I had felt at the time.

I was the warrior now, and I was determined not to let them pass. I remember seeing what was happening as if I was outside of my own body. My Indigo hued lizard hide armor gleemed in the light of the fire, my features were set and stubborn. My eyes burned with hatred and my newly braided auburn red hair shifted angrily in an unseen wind.

"Put down your spear girl." The dark haired and dark eyed woman that had killed my mother, commanded harshly. Her features were fill with amusement. She signaled fo the other Sisters to proceed.

I gripped my spear tighter as lightning flashed nearby followed by the loud BOOM! of thunder. "YOu shall venture no further!" I said again, with more force, and crouched in a defensive stance.

"And do you think you can defeat all of us, young one?" One of the other Sisters questioned. "I count only one of you and more than fifteen of us." She said, indicating the rest of the attackers with a sweep of her palid hand.

"Kill them. Leave none alive." The Dark haired one commanded.

One of the Sisters made to move but fell forward instead, revealing what i thought of then as a strange weapon followed by the tall body of a white armored man. Reacting as I had been taught, I charged a Nightsister sweeping her legs out from under her and cracking her skull in one swift blow from my spear. I took three more Nightsisters before I felt myself being pulled away from the fight, or what was left of the fight. It had happened so quickly that it was over before I had even registered the change in my mind.

"Its over girl. You are safe now." One of the soldiers said close to my ear. He had his helmet off and when I turned to look I found myself staring at a just a man in white armor. In that moment I had lost my fear of them and my hatred towards them for taking over my homeworld. If they hadn't been there than I wouldn't be here now. Now several years later I find myself joining their ranks. Not because I felt that I owed the Stormtroopers who saved me, a debt, but because I wanted the chance to do what they did for me. I wanted the chance to be a hero.

Adoption and Life on Bakura

Bright had been one of the lucky ones, taken from Dathomir before it had become a locked down planet. In a few short weeks after almost her entire clan had been murdered, Brightstar had been given a new home with two adoring adoptive parents. Also lucky for her, they were patient. Raestin and Senra Baleore were high ranking government officials that had longed for a child for years. When Brighstar landed on Bakura, Senra was the first to greet the child. However, Bright would grow much closer to Raestin.

For five years she would live on Bakura, learning to blend into the high life despite her primitive beginnings. She went to parties and sat in as a witness in meetings that Raestin had insisted on taking her to. Bright learned how to make contacts and friends alike and in the meantime would make enemies with the other local children as well. She learned how to be a lady at Senra's knee, but at the same time learned to spot even the tiniest of details. It was after she had lived with the Baleore's for two years that she realized that they were warriors of a different kind.

Although she had grown to love the Baleore's as her own family, Bright would eventually grow restless. Senra having spent the majority of her time caring for Brighstar would come to realize this much sooner than her husband would. So that night when Bright disappeared into the darkness, Senra had been long prepared. Raestin organized a search that would never get off the ground. All he could do was hope Bright knew what she was doing.