Name: Jikkyo Nimiichi
Callsign/Nickname: "Angel"
Human Male
Place of Birth:
Planet of Origin:
6' 2" (1.8m)
180 lbs (80 kg)
Blonde, straight, shoulder length
twin scars across left cheek, single scar spanning chest, and many more minor scars covering his body
Ranks: Sith Guardian: DJO, Senior Sergeant: SC
Positions Held:

SC:Trooper, Fire Team Captain, 2x Assistant Squad Leader, Squad Leader - Raider: Trooper, Fire Team Captain, Assistant Squad Leader - Iron Horse
DJO:Cult Member - Eagle Sect (DJO):
Medals Earned:
SC: Ring of Merit [RoM], Bronze Cross [BC], Silver Cross [SC], Cross of Distinguished Service [CDS], Cross of Resolve [CoR], White Medallion [WM], Gold Ring of Merit [GRoM], Iron Heart [IH], Letter of Recommendation [LoR], Army Service 5 Years [AS-5], Banner of Alzoc {BoA}
DJO: Valor Pin (1st Class) [VP:1]
Reason for Joining the Empire: To follow in the footsteps of his late brother, Jubei Nimiichi, in utilizing Vast Empire intelligence to locate and kill the people responsible for destroying his life.

Becoming a member of the Vast Empire army was the last thing Jikkyo Nimiichi ever envisioned for himself. The son of a mining prospector, Jikkyo spent the first 3 years of his life jumping from system to system. Getting on in years, and with increasing pressure from his wife, Jikkyo’s father Shintaro decided to settle down with his family, and take part in a colonizing effort on Dantooine
Arriving on Dantooine, they found the colonists ill prepared and ill suited for the planets constantly fluctuating weather. Jikkyo’s father, having lived in every environment imaginable, took charge, helping the colony survive the terrible savanna storms during the first few months. After the colony had been firmly established, the members elected Shintaro their leader and governor.
Jikkyo’s childhood years were peaceful. Their colony was the only civilization on Dantooine, save for the native Dantari, who at first were anxious about the new arrivals, but soon grew to tolerate the colonists. Jikkyo befriended a few of the Dantari children, but as a migrating people, they eventually moved on. It was here where Jikkyo developed his intense work ethic. Life in the colony was no walk in the park. Everyday was filled with toilsome heavy labor. Farming, landscaping, building, expanding; all of these chores filled most of Jikkyo’s day.
After settling down, Jikkyo’s parents became pragmatic followers of pacifism, attempting to pass this philosophy onto their children. Jikkyo, the more open-minded of two, began to follow in his parents’ footsteps, and as such earned the reputation and nickname of  “angel.” However, his respect and admiration for his big brother ran deeper than his desire for his parent’s pacifism. The two used to go off into the vast savannas and wooded areas, where Jubei would train Jikkyo in a special martial arts style Jubei had studied and developed. Jikkyo was wary at first, but soon grew to enjoy the many hours of sparring the two brothers took part in. This was where Jikkyo attained his abilities with throwing knives and swordplay.
Then, at the age of fifteen, his life took a tragic 180-degree turn. One day, while Jubei and Jikkyo were out sparring, they were caught in a fierce tropical storm. Forced to take shelter in a nearby cave. They saw freighter marked with signs of this “Rebellion” they heard rumors of fly overhead and land in the colony. Racing back as fast as their legs could carry them, they found soldiers in the city, forcibly procuring foodstuffs, clothing, equipment, and other supplies they needed. Jikkyo’s father expressed his outrage at this, and was protesting to the commander, and was rewarded by a blaster bolt, point blank, in the face. The rebel commander then did likewise to Jikkyo’s mother, who, witnessing her husband’s murder, threw herself at the commander. Jikkyo watched the entire thing. Too racked with pain to even grieve, he buried his emotions deep inside. Jubei was now the only family he had left, and seeing him choke back the tears, set his shoulders, and go on with his life, Jikkyo followed suit.
Soon rumors spread throughout the colony of a Rebel base being set up on the far side of the planet. People claimed to see freighters, fighters, transports, and even capital ships in orbit around the planet. Jubei was 18 at this time, and began secretly plotting their revenge. However, before he got his chance, the Rebellion suddenly packed up and left. Shortly thereafter, Imperial patrols swept through the colony, searching for the Rebel base. Seizing this opportunity, Jubei left his brother, now 16, in charge of the family estate, and joined up with the Empire. Jikkyo doubled his workload, hoping to numb the pain of loss and intense loneliness by working himself weary. During the next two years, Jubei sent word of the fall of Palpatine, the establishment of the New Republic, and how he had made his way to the Vast Empire Army. Jubei would often send him holovids often describing the Vast Empire, his squad, and his missions. It was during this time that he met and fell in love with the new colony governor’s daughter, Christiana Kushrin. As she comforted him with the loss of his parents, the two formed an intense bond, which ultimately resulted in Angel’s proposing to her on the beaches of Mon Calamari.
At the age of 18, Jikkyo was now in peak physical condition. Looking every bit the spitting image of Imperial recruitment soldiers, save for his long blonde locks, Jikkyo began thinking of following his brother’s path, and joining the Vast Empire. Jubei’s coming home to visit, however, cut short this fanaticizing. His brother told him how he was on leave from his squad (at that time Raiders), and about this especially bossy and cranky XO. “Otto something” Jubei had said. Jubei told Jikkyo he expected him to stay on Dantooine, and follow in their parents’ ideal of living peaceful lives. Frustrated by this, Jikkyo and his brother had a very heated argument, ended by Jubei storming out of the house, to come face to face with Rebel bounty hunters. 
It seemed that his exploits as a member of the Vast Empire had generated a fair price on his head, and these bounty hunters intended to collect. Jubei fought six of them to a standstill, until one of the bounty hunters landed a blow that shattered his left leg. Crippled, Jubei took a savage beating but continued to fight back, killing two. Jikkyo arrived on the scene in time to watch the killing blow fall, as in a desperate final attack, a bounty hunter impaled his brother on a speeder bike.
Watching his dear brother’s lifeless body crumple to the dirt, rage took him. All of the emotion that he had been holding back for four years burst from him like a lava from a volcano, and Jubei butchered the 4 remaining bounty hunters with his bare hands. Torn apart by grief, anger, and loneliness, Jikkyo’s heart became sheathed in stone. His blood turned to ice, and his conscience dissipated. 
With nothing left for him on Dantooine, Jikkyo sold most of his belongings and the family property, save for the house. Using these credits, Angel bought himself passage off of Dantooine. Making his way core-ward, he met the trio who would most influence the path his life would take. Sala Naard: a female smuggler, Dicer: A Devaronian Slicer, and Slishu Klak’dor: A Gand Bounty Hunter.
Realizing the potential the young Nimiichi had, they quickly took him under their wing. Slishu trained him in the arts of bounty hunting, making him his “apprentice” of sorts. Sala taught him resourcefulness, and Dicer taught him ingenuity and creativity. Put together, along with a fitting uniform, and Jikkyo quickly became one of the more well-respected bounty hunters in the galaxy. His ruthlessness knew no bounds, invoking the “dead” in “dead or alive” whenever possible.
His mother always insisted on working his brain as much as his muscles, and this being the case, Jikkyo
quickly traced the bounty to a man named Salim Torr, a ruthless mercenary hired by New Republic Intelligence. An expert in brainwashing, he had managed to capture and warp several Noghri from the Empire, creating a menacing force of bodyguards. Under his guise as a bounty hunter, Jikkyo signed on with Torr, and after accompanying him on a several missions, Torr made him his junior commander. The mission to Ord Mantell however, on the 2-year anniversary of Jubei’s death, marked the second time Jikkyo lost control of his emotions. He watched as Torr slaughtered a family, then simply walked away without any hint of remorse. The same burning rage welled up inside him, and Angel planted a bomb on Torr’s freighter. However, one of the Noghri that Torr employed discovered the threat. While Jikkyo attempted his escape, Torr ripped open Jikkyo’s face with a vibroblade. Jikkyo, his strength ebbing, detonated the bomb on Torr’s ship. Acting as an unwilling human shield, shrapnel from the ship tore through Torr. Jikkyo, badly wounded, staggered back into the city, where a good Samaritan got him to a medcenter, and paid for his bacta treatment. 
After recovering from his wounds (he kept the twin scars running down his left eye and cheek, and with a newfound lack of direction in his life, Jikkyo decided to continue his career as a bounty hunter. He kept with being a ruthless, merciless killer. His emotions, fried after so much pain and anguish, abandoned him, leaving him cold and unfeeling. Jikkyo’s colony companions, hearing of his exploits, renamed him “Fallen Angel.”       
It was during this time, that Sala happened upon information pertaining to the rebel leaders who had been stationed on Dantooine about the time Jikkyo’s family had been killed. Finding that these people were not easily accessed, Angel decided that the time had come to follow his brother’s lead. Parting company with his newfound companions, he made a beeline for Tadath, and quickly joined up with the Vast Empire. By either twist of fate or poetic justice, Jikkyo (every bit the spitting image of his brother) was placed in Raiders squad, still under the command of Rizzit Blackheart. 
Jikkyo began his career by quickly moving up through the ranks by excelling in missions to Fresia and Alzoc III, creating a reputation as one of the best troopers in the Army. After six months of duty he was decorated with a Letter of Recommendation, Ring of Merit, and Banner of Alzoc, and promoted to Senior Sergeant. He also quickly moved up the chain of command, going from trooper to fire team captain, to assistant squad leader in less than 3 months.
His next mission however would prove to have the greatest impact on his life.
Raider Squad was deployed to sabotage the Bilbringi Shipyards. By fate, Salim Torr, still alive and well, appeared at the shipyards. Even though the mission was a huge success, Torr nearly cost the squad the mission. He was finally killed by Otto Vox as he tried to prevent the squad's escape. However, the entire squad was battered and bloodied, and they were forced to stop at Baron’s Head, a seedy starport on the planet of Sulon.
While out gathering medical supplies, he happened to chance upon a mysterious woman stumbling out of a cantina. Enraptured by her beauty, he watched as she stumbled into an alley…and as four large men entered after her. It was then that something stirred inside the long dead chest cavity of Jikkyo. His heart started to warm again, and he could no longer stand by and do nothing. Rushing to the woman’s aid, he beat off the men and took her to safety. Through a series of events, he befriended the woman, and finally convinced her to return to Tadath with him and join the Vast Empire. The woman’s name was Kami Sharpe, and she indeed would have the greatest effect on him later in life.
Convincing the lost young woman to come back with him to the Vast Empire, Jikkyo gave to her the ring his mother imparted to him shortly before she died. It was a simple silver ring with two Angel wings wrapping around it. This served as his promise to always protect and watch out for Kami. Jikkyo, now re-dubbed “Angel” by his squad mates after Sulon, received the Bronze Cross for his committed service to the Vast Empire. 
Being granted a week’s leave by his Squad Leader, the very same Otto Vox that drove Jubei nuts, Angel returned to Dantooine for the first time in two years. His dreams, still haunted by his parent death, kept him awake, and his ex-fiancée found him outside the colony. She begged him to either come home or take her with him. He told her to return home and he would talk with her in the morning. While mulling this over, he felt suddenly…out of place, and slipped into a deep sleep. He awoke to find himself in front of the Dark Council of the Vast Empire Dark Jedi Order. Knowing of his past (they had read it in his mind while he slept) they informed him of his Force sensitivity, and how he had subconsciously tapped into the Force on two occasions. It was what allowed him to butcher the bounty hunters, and keep himself alive after the explosion, they explained. They told him of his impending training and struggles yet to come in the ways of the Dark Jedi. Embracing this life fully, Angel gave himself to the Order.


  As Angel finally attained the rank of Dark Jedi Knight, he was possessed by his “dark side”, an entity known as “Phoenix.” This dark being came into existence through the repression of Angel’s ruthlessness when he rescued Kami. As he started to become Angel again, he forced down the “fallen” side of him. By using the Dark Powers, this part of him festered until it was born into the identity of Phoenix.
Taking over Angel’s body, Phoenix began his reign of terror. Inciting conflict between himself and the now deceased PFC Afyon and generally running amuck in the Army, Phoenix cost Angel two ranks and his status as Squad Leader of Raiders.
After successful campaign for the Dark Jedi Order on Bestine IV, the order welcomed two new recruits, Virius and Kami. As Kami began to re-enter Phoenix’s life, he began noticing that she had a strange effect on him. This effect only grew with time, eventually giving way to black outs, where he would wake up in places he couldn’t remember going to. On one such incidence, he found Angel's ring laying on the flat in his chambers. He awoke a short while later to find himself standing in Kami’s chambers, the ring back on her hand. After fleeing, Phoenix figured out it was Angel trying to regain control, and that Kami was the key. He plotted, and almost completed killing Kami, but Angel exerted his full strength. The two were pulled into Angel's conscience, each dertermined to conquer the other.
Here, an epic struggle for power took place. Realizing he couldn't kill the darkness within him, Angel emerged as the final victor by absorbing Phoenix into himself through the Force. Angel awoke, to find himself cradled in the arms of Kami, the woman he loved. The new lovers began their lives together, and Angel was transferred by chance into one of Jubei’s old squads…and the one Kami was now commanding, Iron Horse.

Angel's Saber Hilt:
(Image created by Cyanus)