Name: Unknown
Callsign/Nickname: "Aeos"
Species: Human Female
Height: 1.5m
Plain Brown,  tied back with bangs
Electric Blue
Tattoos: Left Shoulder (flame)
Ranks:  2nd Lieutenant - Stormtrooper Corps

Appearance: She prefers to be seen in burgundy leather jerkins most of the times, with pure cotton pants tucked into black knee high leather boots, however in recent times, she is has also been seen wearing mostly dark halter necks or low cut tank tops. She has also been seen smoking, but she denies such claims.

Skills: She has never shown any extraordinary abilities or qualities except having an unnatural, almost inhumane sense of balance and acrobatics. Six years of constant practice has perfected her into a capable sharpshooter. It should mentioned however, that after she returned from what is assumed, AWOL, her skills and senses have sharpened most significantly. Whereas she before was barely incapable of melee combat, she now proved to be a worthy opponent for most situations.

Unknown to most, she’s an excellent dancer with a very sophisticated taste for high art. She occasionally tries her own hand at sculpting and drawing.

She’s currently specializing in Combat Engineering.

Personality: Aeos used to be a spunky, smart-ass kid who enjoyed a good laugh with a drink at the bar. She was friends with anyone. She's however, very quick-tempered but it usually passed away as quick as it came. She was very child-like with an positive outlook on life. Hyperactive and energetic Aeos rarely enjoys a full night's rest. She enjoys the occasional prank as well.